State, local contributions to hottest month on record

In recent weeks you’ve probably heard talk and reports about how hot July was. In fact, the hottest month on record globally. NASA Clocks July 2023 as Hottest Month on Record Ever Since 1880 | NASA Well, Gainesville and the rest of Georgia did their part to contribute to that warming.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued its July Climate Summary. It shows that the average temperature in Gainesville was 80.6 degrees, 1.8 degrees warmer than normal. The highest temperature was 95 which was recorded on the 27th. Gainesville’s average and departure from normal was second only to Atlanta in both categories among the nine reporting stations listed by the NWS Peachtree City office each month.

Meanwhile, rainfall in Gainesville during July amounted to 2.87 inches, 1.55 inches below normal.

Statewide, temperatures were about one degree above normal and rainfall about an inch above normal.