Wisdom Project 2030’s 2023 Community Leadership Award winners

They are Belinda Dickey, Rev. Tommy Randolph, and Janice C. Young. The awards recognize their leadership roles in Hall County organizations such as Sunshine Seniors, Overhead Cover, and their local churches. (Pictured: L-R: Young, Randolph, Dickey)
All three awardees, born and raised in Gainesville, “bring a passion for community service that has
been passed to and from them, generation to generation,” according to a news release from the organization.

Wisdom Project 2030 is a Hall County non-profit utilizing the skills and experience of residents 55 and older “to improve our community and provide meaningful personal involvement for
our members,” according to the release. To read more about Wisdom Project 2030, click here www.WisdomProject2030.org . Nominations for next year’s awards can be sent to [email protected] .