White County has a new County Manager

Billy Pittard, who has been serving as Interim County Manager since May 8, was named to the post Monday night by the county commission.

Pittard’s appointment follows the firing of County Manager Mike Renshaw earlier this year following reports that Renshaw had applied for and been named town manager in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Pittard served as Barrow County’s Interim County Manager before coming to White County and also once served as Barrow’s Operations Manager. He was President of ACCG (Association of County Commissioners of Georgia) for the 2019-2020 term.
Prior his employment in Barrow County, he was the full-time, elected Chairman/
CEO for the Oglethorpe County Board of Commissioners (2009-2020) where he
had also been the Public Works Director for five years prior to being elected Chairman/CEO of the board of commissioners.