Weekend road rage incident ends with injury & arrests

Four people ended up in jail, one of them after being treated at the hospital for injuries suffered during the incident. The Hall County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) says it happened Saturday.


“Four people were arrested and charged with affray following a road rage incident Saturday, Nov. 4, that ended in a fight on Skitts Mountain Road in the area of Holly Springs Road.

According to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputy who responded to the scene following a 911 call, Brian Allen Chapman, Sr., 44, and Tara Danielle Chapman, 43, both of Cleveland were driving on Clarks Bridge Road on their way home. The Chapmans said a pick-up truck got behind them and began riding their bumper. Mr. Chapman tapped his brakes to alert the driver of the truck to back off. The truck then passed the Chapmans’ vehicle and suddenly applied brakes.  Both vehicles continued traveling until they reached the four-way stop at Skitts Mountain Road and Holly Springs Road. At that time, Mr. Chapman exited his vehicle to confront the occupants of the truck.

The driver of the truck, Clayton Neal Oliver, 22, said Mr. Chapman walked up to the driver’s side of his vehicle and began to attack him. At that point, Clayton Oliver and a passenger in the truck, Cole Thomas Oliver, 20, exited the truck and began to physically fight with Mr. Chapman. Mrs. Chapman became involved and tore Clayton Oliver’s shirt and took the keys from his truck.

Because of conflicting statements on how the argument started, all four people involved were charged with affray. Mrs. Chapman, Clayton Oliver and Cole Oliver were transported to the Hall County Jail from the scene. Mr. Chapman was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries and was booked at the jail the following day.”