UNG President outlines opportunities ahead

University of North Georgia (UNG) President Michael Shannon set the tone for the 2023-2024 academic year as he encouraged faculty and staff to remember the impact they are making every day.

In his first State of the University address during UNG’s faculty-staff convocation recently, Shannon said, “We build leaders. We build servants. We build pioneers. And most importantly, we build legacy-makers. The world we live in today is hungry and desperate, and they’re crying out for help. And we’re here to serve.” 

Shannon pointed to the tensions caused by declining enrollment and tight budgets in coming years, as well as the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shannon specifically thanked the Enrollment Management team ahead of the fall semester as UNG is up 9.2% in new undergraduate students, up in graduate students, up in dual enrollment, and up in cadets.  

“We have nothing but opportunity here,” he said.  

The president shared the stories of students from each of UNG’s five campuses and some of the challenges they have faced in pursuing their education. The common thread was the love and support each of the students felt from UNG faculty and staff.  

“Students are our priority first and always,” Shannon said.