UNG economic impact is nearly $737M

The University of North Georgia’s (UNG) economic impact totaled almost $737 million on northeast Georgia during fiscal year 2022. The impact includes nearly $734 million in spending and jobs and an additional $3.3 million impact attributed to capital construction projects.

The annual study of the University System of Georgia’s (USG) economic impact measures direct and indirect spending that contributes to the university’s service region. 

“UNG is an economic engine for the region and our state. From creating leaders in high-demand careers and national service to creating jobs and economic growth for the communities we serve, we are proud to support the mission of the University System of Georgia,” UNG President Michael Shannon said. 

Included in UNG’s economic impact is almost $108 million in spending by about 18,000 students, which alone created 3,068 jobs in the area. On average, for every dollar spent by the university, an additional 42 cents are generated for the region. 

UNG also had a regional employment impact of 6,314 jobs in the same period. The employment impact includes 1,931 on-campus and off-campus jobs. 

The report noted that on average, for each job created on campus, 4,383 off-campus jobs exist because of spending related to the institution. 

As a whole, all USG public colleges and universities in 2022 had a statewide impact of $20.1 billion, a 4.14% increase. 

The full economic impact and lifetime earnings reports are available online.