NHHS baseball team must forfeit 7 wins


“The North Hall High School baseball team has received sanctions from the GHSA due to a violation of by-laws. A player on the team competed in contests while not carrying the required number of credits. This was not an issue of character or unsportsmanlike behavior. Team eligibility was checked at semester break and all players were deemed eligible; however, the school discovered a scheduling error on March 12. A thorough investigation was conducted and school officials self-reported to the GHSA on Friday, March 15.  

The sanctions are as follows:

  • · The NHHS baseball team will forfeit seven victories in which the player participated.  
  • · The school will receive a fine of 500 dollars.  
  • · The NHHS baseball program will be placed on severe warning status for one year.  

The forfeitures were all non-region contests and will have no bearing on any post-season play.  

The school deeply regrets the error and has taken measures to improve its process for monitoring the eligibility of its student athletes.”