Local Mason assisting, mentoring Hall Co. Trades in Training students

School system officials say Chris Bryant’s guidance and expertise have been instrumental as the students lay blocks for a new locker room and restroom facility at the district’s Agribusiness Center.

The new facility, funded by The Hall County Farm Bureau, is set to provide a dedicated space for students to transition from their work clothes into school attire, “addressing a critical need at the Agribusiness Center and offering an improved learning environment for students interested in careers in agriculture,” school officials say.

The Trades in Training program’s goal is to prepare students for careers in the trades and construction industry.

Bryant donated his time and expertise to work side by side with these young students. His mentorship has been invaluable in instilling essential skills and fostering a strong work ethic, ensuring that the students are well-prepared to tackle the construction of the locker room and restroom facility, according to school officials.

“It was a great thing to watch Mr. Bryant mentor our students,” said Rodney Presley, the Trades in Training instructor. “They learned how to mix mortar, spread mortar, and lay block. Chris also shared the benefits of the masonry career path. The students enjoyed the experience and the camaraderie.”

Bryant applauded the students for their efforts. “All the students did their very best to do what was asked of them. This is a great program, and I am excited to see young people learning about all the trades.”

Superintendent Will Schofield expressed his appreciation for Chris Bryant’s assistance. “We are so grateful for individuals like Chris Bryant who invest in the future of our students. His dedication and mentorship are not only helping to build a necessary facility for our Agribusiness Center, but he is also providing these students with real-world experiences that will benefit them in their future careers.”