Local civil rights group ‘stands in solidarity’ with man suing HCSO


(EDITOR’S NOTE: Links to the original story about the suit and the Hall County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) response to the suit are at the end of this story.)

“On Tuesday, September 19, 2003, 11:00am, a press conference was held by the attorneys of Dewon Greer on the steps of the Russell Federal Building in Atlanta to announce the filling of a federal lawsuit against Hall County and Hall County officers regarding allegations of an in-custody assault against Mr. Greer. Although we were invited, but could not attend the press conference…we stand in solidarity with Mr. Greer and his family in their pursuit of Justice.

According to Rev. Rose Johnson (pictured), NFC (Newtown Florist Club) executive director, “The Newtown Florist Club became aware of this case a few months after it happened in September 2021. Someone from the community sent a news clipping to the office asking if we would follow up. At that time, NFC reached out to LaRonda Nicks, attorney for Dewon Greer, to express how deeply sorry we were that this incident happened in our county and in our jail.”

Johnson added, “After all that we have been through following the death of George Floyd, seeking reform, changes, and improvements in how people are treated when encountering law enforcement, our hope was that we were on a path to progress. This case shatters that hope. When all the facts are released about what happened to Mr. Greer, we do remain hopeful that justice will prevail for the defendant and that the reforms needed to safeguard the treatment of detainees while in custody in the Hall County Jail will also be improved.” “

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