Double exposure. On the road.

This may be a police beat first. A 27-year-old man has been charged by Flowery Branch Police (FBPD) and the Hall County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) with public indecency – while driving his car.

FBPD spokesman Todd Templeton said Tuesday that on Oct. 25 Flowery Branch Police got a call from a motorist on I-985 about a man driving a white Telsa who had exposed himself to her, but officers were unable to locate the car.

“The female victim told officers the male subject had pulled alongside her the blew his vehicle horn while lewdly exposing himself and blowing her a kiss,” Templeton said.

Monday police learned Hall County deputies had stopped a similar car on 985 after the driver performed similar acts. As a result, an arrest warrant was issued for Mostata Adelbaset for one count of public indecency.

Sheriff’s office records show Hall County authorities charged him with stalking and public indecency/indecent exposure.

A HCSO spokeswoman said Wednesday the 27-year-old Buford man was arrested southbound just south of the Atlanta Highway overpass bridge.

“The deputy stopped the suspect after getting a report from a female driver on the northbound side of the highway that she was being followed by a man who was driving beside her between Exits 20 and 22 and blowing his car horn to get her attention,” B.J. Williams said. “When she turned to look at the driver, he was masturbating and exposing himself to her. The driver then turned around and traveled south on the interstate.”

Once the deputy spotted Abdelbaset and stopped him, “he was able to determine he was the man performing the indecent act in his vehicle,” Williams added. Abdelbaset was then taken into custody. HCSO charged him with one count of public indecency and one count of stalking. He remained in the Hall County Jail as of mid-morning Wednesday.