Heat takes its toll at Savannah back-to-school event; message for Hall County parents

Heat is being blamed for sickness at a back-to-school event in Savannah. Temperatures felt like they reached triple-digits when a school supply giveaway was held at Lake Mayer Park Sunday. GEORGIA NEWS NETWORK reports Savannah fire officials say at least 20 people were treated after falling ill, including ten kids who were treated at the emergency room.

And, as Hall County Schools prepare to open later this week, school system officials are reassuring parents that their children and the weather conditions will be closely monitored during any outdoor activities.

“As we enter the long “dog days” of summer this August, heat becomes a concern for us all,” reads a posting on the district’s Facebook page. “The (Hall County School District) is committed to protecting our students as they participate in school activities outdoors. Our athletic trainers will be taking wet bulb readings daily and following proper protocols to ensure the safety of everyone on campus.”

The posting also asks parents to “please” encourage “your student athlete or marching band member” to stay hydrated throughout the day. “This will help tremendously in keeping our students safe.”