HCSD’s Trades in Training students construct cattle barn


The Hall County School District is thrilled to announce the completion of its Agribusiness Center’s brand-new cattle barn, constructed entirely by students in the Trades in Training Program. This facility promises to enhance educational opportunities, promote agricultural learning, and provide a platform for hands-on experience in animal husbandry.

The Hall County School District has a long-standing commitment to providing students with an exceptional education that extends beyond the classroom. The newly constructed cattle barn represents a significant investment in the future of agriculture and vocational education. It demonstrates the district’s dedication to empowering students with practical skills while fostering a deep appreciation for the agricultural industry.

North Hall Senior, Austin Smith, who participates in the Trades in Training Program, had this to say about the experience: “Building the pole barn was super educational and allowed me to gain experience constructing things at different elevations and positions. I really enjoyed it.”

“I enjoyed working on this particular project because of the impact it will make for the future students that will be showing cattle for HCSD,” said Trades in Training Instructor Rodney Presley. “It was exciting to watch the progress and development of both the structure and the interns. While the structure was growing in size, and as each component was added to create a finished product, the students were adding learned skills, job site safety knowledge, and so much more. They were building themselves up in their pathways of success.”

“The Agribusiness Center’s new cattle barn is a testament to our commitment to providing our students with the best possible educational experiences,” said Superintendent Will Schofield. “Built by students and for student learning, this facility will offer students unparalleled opportunities to learn and grow.”