HCFR getting a new fire boat

Hall County Fire Rescue is set to receive a new fire boat next year to increase its services on Lake Lanier.

The Fire Rescue boat will be a 38-foot landing vessel that will provide “easy and effective ways of moving patients and equipment on and off the boat,” according to a county spokeswoman.

The $697,000 craft will contain a fully enclosed, acclimatized cabin; a deck with room for rescue initiatives; will pump water from Lake Lanier during fire suppression activities; and is built for quality work performance and longevity, according to Hall County Fire Rescue Chief Chris Armstrong.  

“This state-of-the-art aluminum framed vessel promises an elevated standard of safety and service for Lake Lanier’s residents and visitors,” Armstrong said. “With its enclosed cabin, versatile deck, fire-fighting capabilities and durability, it exemplifies a new era of efficient and lasting emergency response for HCFR.”

Delivery of the boat is a 16-month process, with an expected delivery of December 2024.