Hall SAT scores beat the national average

The Hall County School District (HCSD) reports a Total Mean Score of 1040, which beat the national average and came up just short of the state average (1045). Gainesville City School System (GCSS) test takers scored at mean of 955.

The Reading and Writing mean scores were 529 (HCSD) and 488 (GCSS). Math scores: 511 (HCSD) and 466 (GCSS).

The county had 800 students taking the test; the city, 216.

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Meanwhile, the state Department of Education (DOE) reports that for the sixth year in a row, Georgia public-school students outperformed their counterparts in the nation’s public schools on the SAT — specifically, Georgia public-school students recorded a mean score of 1045, 42 points higher than the national average for public-school students of 1003.

Georgia’s public-school class of 2023 recorded a mean score of 534 on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW) portion of the assessment, and a mean score of 511 on the math portion. That’s compared to averages of 510 and 493, respectively, for students in the nation’s public schools.