Hall Co. property tax bills are being mailed

With the arrival of property tax season, the Hall County Tax Commissioner’s Office has begun sending out nearly 100,000 tax bills for real and personal property. Payment is due Nov. 15.
The tax bills will also be available for viewing by mid-September on the Hall County Tax
Commissioner’s website at HallCountyTax.org .
“Our recently redesigned website is a convenient resource for property tax information,” said
Darla Eden, Hall County Tax Commissioner. “The site makes it much easier to find out what you
owe, how to pay, and who to contact with questions.”
Information on HallCountyTax.org also includes up-to-date information on the payment status
of property tax bills for all parcels.
For properties that changed ownership during the year, the official property owner on Jan. 1 is
responsible for that year’s property tax. If property is purchased or sold after Jan. 1, it is the
responsibility of the buyer and seller to determine who will pay the owed tax by the due date.
You should refer to your property closing documents or the closing attorney to determine tax
liability for the current year to ensure proper payment to the Hall County Tax Commissioner’s
For property owners with property-tax escrow accounts, tax information is made available to
mortgage companies for payment; however, the property owner is still responsible for ensuring
taxes are paid by the due date.