GPAB to hear plans for more public housing, a feed processing plant & a condo complex

The planning and appeals board is scheduled hear requests dealing with the three projects on Oct. 10.

The Gainesville Housing Authority is making the request for the new public housing. Documents prepared for the board detail plans for the annexation of a two-acre site on Harrison Drive near I-985 which would become part of an existing 14-acre site. The property would be home to two- and three-story buildings, containing 120 units, to be known as Harrison Village Apartments. Once those units are finished, the existing Harrison Square Apartments will be torn down and replaced with a multi-story senior citizens complex, complete with a community center.

The condos would be constructed at the High Street/Dixie Street intersection. Greg Loyd wants to build two, two-story buildings containing a total of four units. He is seeking a rezoning of the property to Residential-II (R-II).

A third item on the agenda is an annexation request from BDC Gainesville LLC for 50 acres near the Athens Highway-Monroe Drive intersection. A feed processing plant employing 17 people is planned for that site.