Gas prices down 4 cents across the board

There has been a four-cents-a-gallon decrease in the price of gasoline in the past week in the country, the state, and in Gainesville.

AAA says the average price for regular unleaded in Gainesville went from $3.59 at week ago to $3.54 today. The statewide average last Monday was $3.61. Today it is $3.57. And, the national average, also down four cents from seven days ago, is $3.81.

The price drop occurred despite growing gas demand, according to AAA. However, the price of oil has declined several dollars per barrel and is holding steady below $80, contributing to lower pump prices, the report says. But as Labor Day approaches, gas demand and volatile oil prices, particularly during an active hurricane season, could limit how much lower prices descend in the weeks ahead.

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