Gas prices continue downward trend

A gallon of regular unleaded in Hall County is $3.13 today, down 11 cents from a week ago. And at some outlets over the weekend, the price had fallen below the $3.00 mark.

At the same time, the statewide average is six cents cheaper, checking in at $3.24. The national average is also down. It’s $3.81, four cents less that last Monday.

AAA says prices would probably drop faster and be lower than they already are if it weren’t for the high cost of oil, which is acting like a “drogue chute” on falling gas prices.     

 “Oil is stubbornly staying above $90 per barrel for now, and it’s the main ingredient in gasoline,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “Gas prices will likely keep falling, but it’s going to be slow and unsteady, so expect some days where it might edge higher a bit.”  

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