Gainesville-based food bank bracing for possible federal government shutdown

“In preparation for our neighbors’ (clients’) inability to access assistance like WIC and SNAP benefits to purchase groceries we are preparing for additional distribution needs,” Interim Executive Director Rebecca Thurman said Wednesday.  “We have purchased emergency boxes to provide to the pantries we serve in our five-county area in case our food donations cannot keep up with the demand and are also reaching out to our corporate and retail donors to try to build up our stressed inventory.”

Thurman added GMFB has “really been struggling” to provide to tan already increased demand. 

“Our neighbors are feeling the pressure with the inflating housing and fuel costs while the costs of groceries continue to increase.”

Georgia News Network reports that the Atlanta Community Food Bank is also bracing for the impact of a shutdown. Kyle Waide, CEO and President, says they depend on government sources for about 20 percent of food and funding.