Ga. cities’ EV charging station rankings; 14 stations found in Gainesville-Hall

Georgia’s largest cities get a low ranking when it comes to the number of EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations they have available. That’s according to Roof Gnome’s 2023 Best Cities to Own an Electric Car ranking.

According to the report. Atlanta placed 112 out of 200 cities nationwide on the list – the best showing of any city in the Peach State. At the other end is Macon – the seventh worst city in Georgia and 194th overall. Savannah ranked 149th, Columbus 162, and Augusta 178.

And while Gainesville wasn’t included in the rankings, we have learned that there are 14 EV charging stations in Gainesville-Hall County. Click here to find their locations EV Charging Stations in Gainesville, GA (

(Photo: Jackson EMC, Gainesville, charging station. Courtesy