Dispute at GHS involving adults, students and an airsoft gun leads to three arrests


“Just before 4:00 pm Thursday, August 17, a personal dispute took place between parties known to each other during bus dismissal at Gainesville High School.

Two adult females with a long history of ongoing disputes, unrelated to the school, got into a physical altercation in the parking lot. This caused a disruption of school operations. During the altercation, a juvenile family member of a party involved allegedly retrieved an air soft gun and walked over to the altercation. No shots were fired, nor was the air soft gun pointed at anyone. No visible injuries were reported, and no students were harmed during the incident. 

This is an example of how personal matters and emotionally driven actions can lead to unnecessary hostile environments. As adults, we need to set the prime example of how to behave for our youth. This was not it. Fortunately, no one was harmed. Officers’ and school staff’s quick responses dissolved the situation today. 

One female juvenile was charged with weapon on school campus and the following adults were charged with the following:

*Telandra K. Clark

35 year old female

Gainesville, GA

1 count of Simple battery

*Stephanie Johnson

34 year old female

Gainesville, GA

1 count of Disrupting operations of public schools”

A spokeswoman for the Gainesville City School System, Joy Griffin, described the incident as “a dispute between parents and a small group of students.”  Griffin added that “no students were injured, and the matter has been turned over to the Gainesville Police Department.”

She also said students and buses were released as scheduled and all after school activities continued as planned.