Forsyth intersection to get safety modifications

Turner Road is being modified to be a right turn in/out roadway at its intersection with Bald Ridge Marina Road, effective Tuesday, weather permitting.  

“This safety modification addresses a high number of traffic accidents occurring at the intersection when motorists attempt to turn left onto Bald Ridge Marina Road from Turner Road or attempt to turn left onto Tuner Road from Bald Ridge Marina Road,” said county spokeswoman Amanda Roper.  

When this change takes place, motorists who previously turned left onto or out of Turner Road at Bald Ridge Marina Road, will need to use the signalized intersection at Bald Ridge Marina Road and Marketplace Boulevard for this travel. Motorists will continue to be able to turn right in and right out of Turner Road at Bald Ridge Marina Road. 

“Drivers approaching the intersection (located just east of the SR 400 northbound access ramp) are advised to slow down, follow signage and be on the lookout for crews completing this work,” Roper added.