Forsyth Co., part of Dawson could end up in congressional district favoring Democrats

A trial is scheduled to continue in Atlanta Monday, the outcome of which could mean that Forsyth County and part of Dawson County wind up in a Democrat-friendly congressional district.

At issue is a 2021 legislative redrawing of Georgia’s congressional district, which is required every 10 years following the Census. The Republican-controlled legislature passed a reapportionment map that favored the GOP. But suits were immediately filed contending that the new maps diluted Black voting strength in the state.,

The 6th and 7th districts are on the line. Both were represented by Democrats in the years leading up to reapportionment. But now, only one is. Forsyth and part of Dawson are in the 6th District which is represented by Republican Rich McCormick. The 7th is represented by Democrat Lucy McBath.

The law allows partisan reapportionment as long as it does not adversely affect Black voting strength.