Forsyth Co. Animal Shelter nearing capacity

The Forsyth County Animal Shelter is calling on county residents to adopt and foster animals as the shelter has reached its care capacity and adoption rates have slowed.

The Animal Shelter’s adoption rate has decreased about 10 percent versus last year with only 312
animals being adopted since January 2023. Currently, the shelter has over 50 dogs and 180 cats and
kittens looking for their forever homes.

“When shelters reach capacity and adoptions slow, it is even more challenging to provide the quality
care that each animal deserves,” said Animal Shelter Manager Cindy Iacopella. “Forsyth County has
always been a very pet-friendly community, and we are urging residents to open their homes to animals
in need so we can continue to rescue, reunite and rehome animals.”

While Forsyth County residents are encouraged to adopt animals, joining the Animal Shelter’s fostering
team can be a big help, too.

Through the fostering program, residents can foster adult dogs, adult cats or kittens, providing the
animals a nurturing home environment as they wait to be adopted. Requirements for joining this program
simply include a safe and loving home, and time to care for your foster animal.

The Animal Shelter provides all basic supplies that foster families will need to care for their foster animals
including food, medication, kennels, toys and animal-specific care instructions.