Drive-by shooting, stalking suspect arrested


“Jesus Ruben Roman-Gil, 41, of Talmo was arrested over the weekend on charges of stalking and methamphetamine possession. At the time of his arrest, Roman-Gil had outstanding warrants connected to a drive-by shooting case and an aggravated stalking case related to the same victims from this past weekend’s incident.

In the latest incident, HCSO deputies responded to a location Friday, Nov. 3, around 9:30 p.m. on Turning Leaf Drive in Gillsville after the male victim contacted 911 to say Mr. Roman-Gil was driving back and forth in front of his residence. The suspect had also parked at a stop sign close to the residence. The victim told deputies the suspect was the same man who had fired shots at the residence the afternoon of Oct. 31. Initially, deputies did not find Roman-Gil, but they remained in the neighborhood and located him about a half hour after the victim’s first report.

After stopping the suspect’s vehicle and questioning him, HCSO deputies placed Roman-Gil under arrest.

The suspect faces the following charges for the Oct. 31 incident:

·         Felony aggravated stalking (related to a female victim who lived at a residence on Turning Leaf Drive in Gillsville)

·         Felony aggravated assault (related to discharging a firearm in the direction of the residence of a male victim who lived on Turning Leaf Drive; this is a different residence from the one where the female victim lives)

·         Misdemeanor reckless conduct

The suspect faces the following charges for the Nov. 3 incident:

·         Misdemeanor stalking

·         Criminal use of an article with an altered ID mark (recovery of weapon in vehicle; the serial number on the weapon had been defaced)

·         Possession of methamphetamine (jail officers discovered 1.2 grams of meth inside a dollar bill in the suspect’s pants pocket as he was being booked into the jail)

·         Going inside guardline with weapon, liquor or drugs”