Cause of Forsyth Co. fire that killed more than two dozen horses still unknown

The blaze occurred a week ago at Blue Springs Farm.

Monday, Capt. Jason Shivers, spokesman for the Forsyth County Fire Department, said that the investigation into the cause of the fire is continuing and that progress is being made.

“Late last week the remnants of the barn were taken down, methodically and carefully, so as to allow safe removal of the horses remains,” Capt. Shivers said.  “Also, said remains have now all been removed and done so under the watchful eye and direction of the Georgia Department of Agriculture.” 

He added that some horses were buried on the farm, some were cremated, and some others were released to their owners for transport and burial at their own properties. 

Shivers said the owners of the farm are fully cooperating with the investigators. However, he said it is hard to say when the investigation might be finished “but (I) can say for certain that it is being performed with all due regard and with every effort to do our best to make a cause and origin determination.”

Twenty-six horses perished in the fire.