Hall County jail captain resigns, lieutenant dismissed following internal investigation


“Two former Hall County employees are no longer with the Hall County Sheriff’s Office
(HCSO) as the result of an internal investigation into policy violations.
Casey Ivey, who served as a captain in the jail, resigned prior to being terminated for
numerous policy violations, including having inappropriate relationships with
subordinates. While these policy violations occurred in 2021, they just recently came to
light during this investigation. Ivey resigned during his pre-termination hearing on August
22, 2023.
Former Lt. Jane Ellen Young was terminated on the same date for being deceitful during the
internal investigation and other policy violations.
Both Ivey and Young were placed on administrative leave with pay during the
investigation. Ivey had been most recently employed with the agency since August 2014.
Young started with the agency in July 2018.
None of the policy violations involved any inappropriate interaction with inmates.
Hall County Sheriff Gerald Couch notified all HCSO employees of the personnel actions in an
email issued Thursday, August 24, 2023.
“I am very disappointed in the unprofessional conduct displayed by these former
employees and I will not tolerate this behavior,” Sheriff Couch further stated. “Their actions
undermined the order, discipline and standards our community expects from our agency.
The only possible course of action for these policy violations was termination. Typically
our deputies, officers and civilian personnel do a phenomenal job day-in and day-out, all
while working with difficult people under challenging circumstances.” “

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Four years ago, several members of the jail division were disciplined or resigned after an internal investigation found several violations, including sexual misconduct.

And these latest personnel actions come just days after the county fire department was rocked by the resignations of the chief and deputy chief amid allegations that the deputy chief had an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate.)