ARC: Forsyth Co. growth rate tops two percent in a year’s time

The population of Forsyth County grew at a rate of 2.1% between April 2022 and this past April, according to the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). That was one of the fastest growth rates in the 11-county ARC region.

The report shows the population of Forsyth is now estimated at 270,833 compared to 265,033 a year ago, an increase of 5,800.

Atlanta led the way with a growth rate of 2.8% as the region’s population grew to 5.16 million. The population of Atlanta itself is now put at 521,315by the ARC, a year-to-year increase of about 14,000.

The AJC quotes ARC officials, in a report released Wednesday, as saying the growth is driven by strong employment growth, noting that jobs in the region have increased by 5.4% since the pandemic began three years ago.