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Brenau, Mexican Consulate OK grant agreement for 5th year

The Mexican government has renewed a grant agreement for Mexican American students to pursue higher education at Brenau University. 

Brenau hosted Consulate General Francisco Javier Díaz de León and Karina Regalo from the Mexican Consulate for a signing ceremony formalizing the grant agreement Friday, July 21, on the historic Gainesville campus.

The $5,000 grant is funded via the Institute for Mexicans Abroad scholarship program, or IME Becas, with “becas” meaning “scholarship” in Spanish. 

“Over the past five years, we have met some of the young people who, thanks to this support, are able to pursue their dreams,” Díaz de León said. “In many of these cases, when these young students come here to Brenau, they are the first ones ever in their family to be able to go to college. We see the pride in them, we see their pride in their parents, and it is very powerful.” 

Brenau supports this global initiative through the university’s Miller Institute for Global Education by matching the funds to create the scholarships for this year’s five recipients.

“The IME Becas grant benefits students of Mexican origin, especially first-generation students,” Brenau Senior Admission Counselor Maria Iniguez said. “The IME Becas-funded scholarships help reduce the cost of tuition, allowing students to focus on obtaining a university degree.”