3 cats, 1 dog reportedly living in filth; 28-year-old man charged

A 28-year-old man was still in jail Tuesday night after Hall County Animal Control officers say they removed three sickly cats and one dog from a filthy house on Cleveland Highway a few days ago.

A report on the case states that animal control was alerted to the situation by a state probation officer Sept. 16. Taylor Refugio Gomez Starcher faces four counts of animal cruelty. He was also charged with probation violation.

The reports says that when investigators entered the house there was a “strong odor” of urine and feces, as there was trash and “debris” throughout the place. Fecal matter was found “built up” in litter plans on floors and furniture.

One of the cats found inside was an orange one “with hair loss and matted eyes.” There was also a white Siamese “with (a) possible upper respiratory issue” and a third cat with “hair loss and scabs.” A dog was also in the house, a “tan pit mix,” according to the report, found in back bedroom with no food or water and a “large amount” of feces on the floor and furniture. The dog, investigators wrote, was “very thin with hair loss.”

At last check, Starcher was being held in the Hall County Jail in lieu of $5,200 bond on the animal cruelty charges and no bond on the probation violation charge.