White County Schools: Free breakfast, lunch

Breakfast and lunch will be free to all White County students starting with the new school year, regardless of household income.

White County School Nutrition is participating in the USDA Community Eligibility Program.
According to a Facebook post from the school system, key benefits of he program include:

  1. Universal Access: All students enrolled in White County Schools will receive breakfast and lunch at no charge.
  2. Elimination of Meal Applications: Families will not need to complete free and reduced-price meal applications.
  3. A la carte items will be for sale in our cafeterias. These items include snacks, beverages, and additional food choices beyond the standard breakfast and lunch provided through the school nutrition program. To purchase these items, students must have funds available in their school meal account or bring cash for payment.
  4. While meals will be provided free of charge under this program, any existing unpaid balances on school meal accounts from previous years must still be settled. Participating in CEP does not erase or forgive outstanding debts accrued prior to its implementation.
  5. Questions about the Community Eligibility Program or how it will affect your child, please feel free to contact us at 706-865-2315 ext. 1703 or [email protected].