Where were you today 60 years ago: Nov. 22, 1963?

We took to social media Wednesday to ask current and former Hall County residents that question. President Kennedy’s assassination is the kind of question most people, those who were old enough to remember things, can readily answer – some in infinite detail.

*I was in the third grade at Main Street elementary and the principal TW Purcell made an announcement on the PA.

“I heard a scream and a neighbor stood in the hallway shouting “turn on your TV.” Because I was 8 months pregnant and had a toddler, I tried to keep my emotions under control, but it was a struggle then and in the dreadful days that followed.”

“I was in the third grade in Miami when the announcement came over the intercom…the next several days became quite awkward.”

“I was in Jean Gruhun’s physical education class at Gainesville High School.”

“I was at work in the Hall County Courthouse. My babysitter called me after she heard the TV news. I could not believe it, and she had to convince me that it was true.

“I remember vividly. 4th grade.”

“I was in the 1st grade at Enota Elementary School. We were sent home early that day.”

From SRN News, here’s what some of the witnesses to the shooting remember: JFK assassination remembered 60 years later by surviving witnesses to history, including AP reporter – SRN News