UPDATE: Ga. officials monitoring for bird flu

State Health officials say they are monitoring for any cases of bird flu in Georgia.

A dairy worker in Texas contracted the virus this week from a cow, making it the first known case globally of a person catching the bird flu from a mammal.

The CDC says the patient is being treated for pink eye as their only symptom, and is also on an antiviral drug and being kept isolated.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture, meanwhile, has not received any reports of the highly pathogenic avian flu, and that there is no current threat to cows and chickens in the state.


A bird flu outbreak in Texas that has infected cattle for the first time and has impacted one of the country’s largest egg producers is raising new concerns about the virus.

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Georgia had its own outbreak last year: Bird flu outbreak in Ga., poultry flock owners urged to keep a close eye on their birds 97.5 Glory FM | North Georgia’s Family Radio Station (wgtjradio.com)

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