UPDATE – The Capitol Riot: 3 years later (3 p.m. Saturday UPDATE)

U P D A T E: FBI arrests 3 in Florida on charges of assaulting officers in Jan. 6 insurrection – SRN News

It was three years ago today that the deadly breach of the U.S. Capitol occurred and the prosecution of many of those arrested in connection with it is continuing. To plead or not to plead? That is the question for hundreds of Capitol riot defendants – SRN News

Of the 22 Georgians charged, at least four were picked up in our area, according to government documents. Those arrests were made in Cumming (Rondald Loehrke), Dawsonville (Benjamin Henry Torree), Flowery Branch (Jake Maxwell), and Gainesville (Glenn Mitchell Simon).

The federal government has put together a database that details the case again all of those arrested to date and the disposition of their cases. There are still a number of people who have been charged who are at large. District of Columbia | Capitol Breach Cases | United States Department of Justice

And may Republicans who blamed former president Donald Trump for what happened are now endorsing him for a second term. On Jan. 6 many Republicans blamed Trump for the Capitol riot. Now they endorse his presidential bid – SRN News