Studies show illegal immigrants less prone to violent crime than native-born residents

Several studies surfaced Tuesday that found that immigrants are less drawn to violent crime than native-born citizens despite assertions by 9th Dist. Cong. Andrew Clyde and others in the wake of the murder of a nursing student on the UGA campus last week.

One study published by the National Academy of Sciences, based on Texas Department of Public Safety data from 2012 to 2018, reported native-born U.S. residents were more than twice as likely to be arrested for violent crimes than people in the country illegally.

You can read about the results of more studies and get the latest developments in the UGA case and other reaction to it and the suspect and his background here: The killing of a Georgia nursing student is now at the center of the US immigration debate – SRN News

Meanwhile, Clyde, a Jackson County Republican, has now mentioned the case three times on X, formerly Twitter, since it happened. “Until our border is secure and every illegal alien residing in our communities is deported, we can only expect avoidable tragedies to continue devastating our nation,” his latest post says.