State Roundup-2 2/7/2024

*Monday is the last day for Georgians to register to vote or to change their name and/or address on the voter registration list for the March 12 Presidential Preference Primary.

*A baby’s death in Clayton County last July is being ruled a homicide — the parents, Jessica Ross and Treveon Taylor, Sr., say their infant was decapitated during delivery. They have filed suit alleging, among other things, a cover up – that hospital staff refused to let them see their baby after death and that staff pressured the couple to cremate the remains and refused to do an autopsy.

*An infestation of bats has driven a coastal Georgia family from their home. Monica Grant and her husband Isaiah tell WSAV that the bats started to trickle in, a few more each day until a swarm of at least 80 bats took over the house. The house is now free of bats and being sterilized, but the Grants aren’t out of the woods yet. They are now having to pay out of pocket for rabies shots for all four members of their family at the recommendation of the health department.

*Georgia Bulldog “Superfan” Trent ‘Big Dawg’ Woods died suddenly earlier this week. Woods, with his trademark bald head bearing a likeness of the UGA mascot, was 45. The cause of the Athens man’s death was not announced. He was a third-generation UGA superfan. His grandfather and father painted their heads on game days before passing the tradition along.

*An 81-year-old man is accused of killing his wife at an assisted living home in Gwinnett County. Investigators say a 71-year-old Grace Hayden was found dead Monday at the facility on Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road. Richard Hayden is charged with murder and aggravated assault. 

*Police in Jefferson County have admitted to arresting the wrong person in connection to a bank robbery. The incident happened last Thursday as officers responded to a robbery at Regents Bank. The Wren’s Police Department and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office say 18-year-old D’Angelo Walker was arrested because he fit the description of what a bank robber was wearing.