State House delegation calls Oakwood election snafu ‘inexcusable’ & ‘serious’

The seven members of the Hall County state House delegation call the recent discovery that 200 ineligible people voted in the special Oakwood City Council election “inexcusable” and a “serious” problem.

An open letter to county officials goes on to say what happened “only stands to create distrust in our elections process.”

The letter reads, in part, “It is inexcusable that 200 people who were ineligible to vote on the city were allowed to vote and that 22 voters who were eligible to vote were not given the opportunity to vote. This should not happen (and) we are calling on the local and state election officials to take action to address and fix this issue.”

The election, which was held March 12, was won by Rhonda Wood, whose husband, Dwight, was the incumbent when he died last year.