It’s deja vu for recently reopened shopping center entrance

A sinkhole that formed following Sunday’s heavy rains has resulted in the closing of the entrance to a west Gainesville shopping center that was only recently reopened (see earlier story below) after being closed for a year because of a drainage pipe problem.


WHAT: Georgia Department of Transportation (Georgia DOT) has shut down the access to the entrance ramp at State Route (SR) 53 Connector travelling west at the Shallowford Road traffic signal. The area has been restricted to traffic due to a sink hole forming on the driveway creating a hazardous condition.

All vehicles travelling west who wish to enter the plaza are urged to go to the next traffic light and turn right opposite Green Hill Circle Drive. All traffic travelling east should turn left at the Home Depot entrance.  

WHEN: The closure is in effect until further notice.

WHERE:  The entrance at Mister Car Wash at SR 53 Connector and Shallowford Road.”

EARLIER STORY. POSTED JUNE 30: Entrance to W. Gville shopping center reopens (