School bus driver charged with DUI

A Forsyth County school bus driver was arrested on DUI charges recently and, according to authorities, her blood-alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit.

There were 30 middle school students on the bus at the time.

Ginger Katz, 52, was arrested after bus was involved in a minor traffic accident. At the time of her arrest, her blood-alcohol content was .209. A Forsyth County School System spokeswoman said Katz, who had been driving a bus for the school system since January, was immediately fired.

She was charged with DUI, Failure to Yield Right of Way and 30 counts of Endangering a Child by DUI, one count for each child on the bus. 

“We were very upset that someone would put children and other drivers in harm’s way by getting behind the wheel while under the influence,” said Caracciolo.

“That is scary. It makes you not want to put your children on the bus,” said Commings. 

School officials said  Katz drove two routes just prior to this one for Piney Grove Middle School. One for Big Creek Elementary and one for Whitlow Elementary. They have no reports of anything happening on those routes, and said they were grateful no one was hurt. 

“We’re just very thankful that the students are okay,” said Caracciolo.

School officials sent the following letter to parents and guardians of students at Piney Grove as well as the two elementary schools on Monday, telling them about the arrest of the bus driver: