Safety improvements planned at more Ga. 365 crossings in Habersham

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is embarking two projects in Habersham County to improve safety at two more intersections on Georgia 365, similar to the work completed last year at an intersection where an accident occurred that claimed the lives of a Hall County sheriff’s deputy’s family.


“Construction of a two reduced conflict U-Turns commonly known as RCUTs on State Route (SR) 365 will begin this week. The intersections are located at Alto Mud Creek Road and Yonah Road.
…An RCUT prohibits side-street traffic from traveling straight through a mainline intersection or making a left turn.
Reduced conflict intersections are intersections that decrease fatalities and injuries caused by broadside crashes on four-lane divided highways. RCUTs are also referred to as J-turns. 

WHAT: Georgia Department of Transportation (Georgia DOT) and contractor Vertical Earth will be starting construction of two RCUTs at two locations on SR 365 in Habersham this week. Cones and signs have been erected in and around the two locations.

WHEN: Starting in April, anticipate probable lane closures occurring during the construction period. 

WHERE: . This operation will impact both northbound and southbound traffic on SR 365 in the areas around Alto Mud Creek Road and Yonah Road. Construction is anticipated to be completed by the end of June.”

Las year’s work involved the Mt. Zion Road crossing, also in Habersham County. In all, five people died in the crash that led to that project.