S. Hall man charged with burglary

An Oakwood man remained in the Hall County Jail Monday morning without bond following his recent arrest on a burglary charge.

Luis Alberto Ledezma, 37, Oakwood was arrested Friday after employees at Texano Auto Sales found him sitting in the office area of the dealership as they arrived for work that morning. Ledezma did not work at the business, but he told sheriff’s deputies who were called to the scene he was the new owner and was completing paperwork.


“The preliminary investigation determined Ledezma had broken into the business the night before by removing a window pane at the rear of the business and then using a chair to climb inside.

Mr. Ledezma did not steal anything, but the investigation found he had attempted to remove the dealership sticker from a Ford pickup truck on the lot. In addition, there was evidence Mr. Ledezma had been sorting through vehicle keys on a desk and had been writing on various documents belonging to the dealership.

As Mr. Ledezma was being arrested, deputies found a glass pipe used for smoking methamphetamine in his possession.

The suspect was charged with second degree burglary (felony) and possession of a drug-related object (misdemeanor).”