Riverbend, White Sulphur programs will live on at new school


“The Sandra Dunagan Deal Elementary School, scheduled to open its doors in this fall, will offer two programs of choice: The Advanced Scholars Academy and the Dual Immersion Program. This exciting development follows the merger of Riverbend Elementary School and White Sulphur, both of which will close at the end of this academic year to pave the way for the new school.

Currently housed at Riverbend Elementary School, the Advanced Scholars Academy has been a beacon of academic excellence. The Dual Immersion Program, offered at White Sulphur, has provided students with a unique opportunity to work towards becoming bilingual and biliterate in English and Spanish.

Superintendent Will Schofield expressed his enthusiasm for the expansion of these programs, stating, “The introduction of the Advanced Scholars Academy and the Dual Immersion Program at Sandra Dunagan Deal Elementary School represents an exciting chapter for our district. We are committed to providing students with innovative and enriching educational opportunities, and these programs of choice align perfectly with that vision.”