WGTJ Radio brings you the best faith-based programming in North Georgia. Our goal here at 97.5 Glory FM is to uplift your day with the spiritual guidance of The Lord. Below is a list of our weekly programming…


5:03am Holy Land Moments

5:56am A Seed From the Sower (with Michael Guido)

A Glorious Morning in North Georgia (hosted By Mike Wofford) (6-10)

6:03am Our Daily Bread Ministries

6:58am Learn the Bible In A Year

7:03am Old Farmer’s Almanac Radio Report

7:56am Joni and Friends (Sharing Hope)

8:03am The Lou Dobbs Business Report

8:10am The Success Journal

8:20am Direct Physician Services (With Dr. Allen Panter) (Mon, Wed, Fri)

8:50am Journey Through the Bible

8:59am Focus on the Family Minute

9:03am Upwords (with Max Lucado)

9:04am Answers in Genesis (with Ken Ham)

9:50am Journey Through the Bible

**Latest in World and National News from the Salem Radio Network every hour at :00.

**Latest State News from the Georgia News Network at :30.

**Latest Local News with Dan Brown at 6:05am, 6:35am, 7:05am, 7:35am, 8:05am, 8:35am, 12:05pm, 4:05pm, and 5:05pm.

**Local Sports at 6:15am, 6:45am, 7:15am, 7:45am, 8:15am, 8:45am, 4:15pm, 4:45pm, 5:15pm, 5:45pm, 6:15pm, and 6:45pm.

** Local Weather every hour throughout the day from the GNN and Glory Weather Center.

10:03am Daily Light For Daily Living (with Ann Graham Lotz)

10:04am Wise Women Managing Money

10:05am Faith and Finance (with Rob West)

10:31am Focus on the Family (with Jim Daly and John Fuller)

11:03am Find Peace with God (Billy Graham Minute)

11:04am Voice of the Martyrs Radio

11:20am The Fellowship Broadcast

11:30am The Radio Pulpit (with Lamar Purcell)

11:45am Weekly Devotions

12:30pm Praise and Praise Time (with Mike Wofford)

1:03pm Moments that Motivate (with Tim Lovelace)

2:03pm Real Family Life (with Dave and Ann Wilson)

2:04pm Bold Steps Minute

2:15pm Parenting Today’s Teens (with Mark Gregston)

2:45pm The Cal Thomas Commentary

3:03pm My Money Life (from Crown Financial)

3:15pm Family Minute (with Mark Merrill)

3:45pm One Moment in America (with Jerry Stewart)

3:59pm Life Issues (with Brad Mattes)

4:03pm Breathe In Him (with Ann Gainey)

5:03pm Plugged In Review

5:04pm A Moment with Joni

5:10pm The Wall Street to Main Street Report (Mon-Thur)

5:35pm The Lou Dobbs Business Report

Singing News Top 20 Countdown

Weekly Devotions

11:45am Heavenly Manna (with Milton Harris) (Monday)

11:45am The Everlasting Word (with Joel Martin) (Tuesday)

11:45am For the Glory (with Jason Lester) (Thursday)

11:45am Good News Radio Broadcast (with Steve Baker) (Friday)


6:05am Adventures in Odyssey

6:30am Karen & Kids

6:45am A Visit With Mrs. G

7:05am The Singing News Top 20 Countdown (with Greg Goodman) (Hour 1)

8:05am The Singing News Top 20 Countdown (with Greg Goodman) (Hour 2)

9:03am Bill Gaither’s Homecoming Radio

10:05am The Gospel Greats (with Rodney Baucom) (Hour 1)

11:05am The Gospel Greats (with Rodney Baucom) (Hour 2)


7:05am Georgia Focus from GNN

7:31am Methodist Hour

8:00am Mount Gilead Baptist Church

8:30am The Bible Broadcast (with Keith Allison)

9:00am The Way of the Cross (with Alvin Loggins)

9:30am Be a Light (with Doug Forrester)

10:00am Words of Life (with Bobby Wright)

11:00am Flat Creek Baptist Church Sunday Stream

12:30pm Be the Bee

1:00pm Calvary Baptist Church

1:30pm New Bridge Baptist Church

2:05pm Les Butler and Friends Bluegrass Gospel

3:03pm Bill Gaither’s Homecoming Radio

6:05pm The Gospel Greats (with Rodney Baucom) (Hour 1)

7:05pm The Gospel Greats (with Rodney Baucom) (Hour 2)

8:05pm The Singing News Top 20 Countdown (with Greg Goodman) (Hour 1)

9:05pm The Singing News Top 20 Countdown (with Greg Goodman) (Hour 2)