Poultry still Georgia’s top agricultural commodity

Specifically, broilers, according to the 2023 Ag Snapshots, which is based on the 2021 Georgia Farm Gate Value Report, an annual, county-level economic valuation for all food and fiber production in the state. Together these commodities directly represent a value of nearly $14.7 billion to the Georgia economy.

Broilers, a key part of the poultry industry which helps drive the economic engines in Hall and several other northeast Georgia counties, account for $4.2 billion, or 28.7%, of that. Cotton is a distant second at 6.8%. Eggs, another key to the economic well-being of our area, are the 7th most valuable commodity in Georgia at 4.3%. Eggs and broilers combined account for a third, 33.6%, of the total value of the state’s food and fiber commodities.

You can read the full report here 2023-Ag-Snapshots-data-at-a-glance.pdf (allongeorgia.com)