Police use technology to find missing elderly Buford woman

Gwinnett County Police Tuesday used the department’s Situational Awareness and Crime Response Center (SACRC) and Flock cameras to locate and safely return an elderly woman to her family.


On February 27, a uniform patrol officer was approached by a citizen while on patrol near 5885 Cumming Hwy in Buford, who stated her 82-year-old friend was missing. In an effort to locate the missing woman, officers contacted our analysts at our Situational Awareness and Crime Response Center.

Approximately one hour later, the missing person’s vehicle was observed entering Gwinnett County. Analysts promptly alerted officers in the area, who located and pulled over the car. The missing person told officers she was lost and did not know how to return home.

Through the swift actions of our analysts and with the help of our technology, officers safely reunited the elderly missing person with her family. Gwinnett County Police would like to thank the Sugar Hill Marshals, who helped in this case.”