Gville Oct. rainfall 2.3 inches below normal

The drought that has 60% of Georgia in its grip got a big boost in last month, according to the October Climate Summary from the National Weather Service (NWS).

The tenth month of the year is typically the driest of the year in Georgia and this year rainfall statewide was about 1.5 inches below normal. The records show that Gainesville was 2.38 inches drier than usual. Normal October rainfall in Gainesville is 3.85 inches but this year only 1.47 inches were recorded by the NWS. And the outlook for November is not much better, according to the NWS Climate Prediction Center, which says Georgia can expect nearly half as much rain this month as it typically gets.

There is rain in the forecast today through Sunday with Saturday and Sunday showing the best chance of showers. But they are not likely to be a “drought buster.” Totals in Gainesville through Sunday are predicted to be around one inch.

Meanwhile, the month was warmer than normal. The average temperature in Gainesville was 1.7 degrees above normal compared to a statewide average that was only about half-a-degree above normal.