NGMC Gville: New way to treat enlarged prostate

Patients experiencing lower urinary track symptoms related to an enlarged prostate now have access to a more precise, minimally invasive treatment option at Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) Gainesville. The first Aquablation procedures were performed earlier this week.

Aquablation therapy to treat an enlarged prostate is performed by a surgeon using the AquaBeam Robotic System. It is the only procedure that uses a heat-free waterjet controlled by robotic technology to remove any excess prostate tissue causing symptoms.

No incision is made, because the prostate is reached through the urethra. In addition, it is the only procedure that combines a camera with ultrasound imaging, giving the surgeon the ability to see the entire prostate in real time.

NGMC Braselton began offering Aqublation therapy in August 2023.