Maria Gomez-Perez: The latest

It’s now been ten days since 12-year-old Maria Gomez-Perez was reported missing and these are among the latest developments:

*Apparently at least one TV network, Fox News, has picked up the story

*Atlanta media are continuing to follow the story including Univision 34 Atlanta, a Spanish language channel Univision 34 Atlanta, GA – News, Weather, Traffic – WUVG Station | Univision

*One concerned citizen has made a direct appeal to the GBI to issue an Amber Alert for her, standing outside its state headquarters in Atlanta with a sign that included his question (the agency has said her case doesn’t meet the current criteria for issuing one but it is involved with local and even federal authorities in the investigation into her disappearance) Missing 12-yr-old: More than two dozen investigators on the case (

*Friends and family continue to relentlessly distribute leaflets with details of the case

*An electronic sign, the kind typically use to warn of road work or traffic congestion, has been erected on at least one major throughfare in town with appeals for help

*Suggestions are being made that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children should be contacted National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (