Man damages courthouse holding cell, disrupts courthouse activities


“William Cory Hallowell, 29, of Gainesville, has been charged with interference with government property following a disruption last week at the Hall County Courthouse.

On Thursday, March 7, Hallowell had been transported to the courthouse for a court appearance and was in a holding cell in the basement of the building.

While in the holding cell, around 3 p.m., he intentionally broke a sprinkler head in the cell, resulting in minor flooding in the holding area. When the water from the sprinkler began spraying, a fire alarm was activated, initiating the start of an evacuation of the building. Once deputies knew there was no immediate danger to courthouse operations, they used the courthouse notification system to stop the evacuation. HCSO officials estimated regular business resumed in a matter of less than five (5) minutes.

Hallowell was handcuffed and transported back to the Hall County Jail. He remains in jail with a bond of $2,990.”