Lakeview’s Gaur back on Jeopardy

Lakeview Academy graduate Dhruv Gaur, Jeopardy’s 2018 College Champion and a 2019 Tournament of Champions semi-finalist, was on the quiz show again Friday night.

This time it was for the show’s Invitational Tournament which features past champions competing for $100,000 and an invitation to appear in the upcoming “Jeopardy! Masters” primetime event on ABC.

At 25, Gaur told he’s the youngest in the tournament. Since graduating from Brown University in 2021, he worked for a while at Harvard as a research assistant and started his PhD in Economics at MIT last year.

So, how did he do Friday night? Finished third in the field of three when he incorrectly answered a question about the former Soviet Union.

(Pictured: Gaur with Jeopardy host Ken Jennings. Photo courtesy